By now readers of this blog will understand that the job of experienced integrators such as the #DoneRightNotEasy crew doesn’t start and end with the automation system itself. In order to ensure the best for our clients and end users it’s incredibly important for us to take a holistic view of every job site, and this includes interacting with and working alongside from many other home improvement and design industries.

Crestron automation systems, while extremely powerful, are also incredibly complicated. This complexity can lead to frustrations, especially if the system doesn’t live up to the expectations of the end user. The #DoneRightNotEasy crew understand this, which is why we’ve made it our mission to show that through proper installation, programming and management, we can turn even the most frustrated Crestron user into a brand promoter who couldn’t imagine living without their control system. Today we will be highlighting two recent clients who were at their wits end with their existing Crestron system, and who after our intervention, have now fallen back in love with their automated homes.