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The Importance of Keeping Clients Comfortable

When we automate a client’s home it’s more than just putting in control equipment and the latest and greatest in video and audio technology, our client’s are giving us access to their home and the routines of their everyday lives. This means to be successful we need to be more than just experts in Crestron automation and control, but also taking our customer service to the next level, ensuring our client’s peace of mind and easing them through the process from start to finish. 

As with everything that we do, this all begins with the consultation and design stage of our process. Many engineers in this industry are by nature methodical and robotic in how they design a new control system. While this is beneficial, especially considering the complexity of Crestron control systems, without the human touch it can cause undue stress for a client. Throwing lots of jargon and technical specifications at a client who may not understand these factors can be confusing and overwhelming. GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew take the time to listen to and communicate with our clients on a human level, learning their true needs and wants for their automated home. Using this knowledge we build our systems to be simple, reliable and intuitive for it’s end users.

We’ve often discussed how being the integration professional on a job site means assuming a level of control over the vendors we work alongside. This is an especially important factor for maintaining a client’s level of comfort and ease with a large scale project in their home. Along with the routines and responsibilities of everyday life, having multiple vendors and workers in and out of your home can be a stressful situation. This is why we work closely with all of the other professionals on a job site to ensure they are maintaining a level of integrity and excellence, not limiting this to the parts of their work that the automation system interacts with. Our clients have trusted us with simplifying their lives, and this means making the installation process as stress-free and streamlined as possible.

Another way we keep our clients comfortable throughout the automation process is through our use of documentation and communication. Every client is different, and with that comes different needs and wants with respect to communication during a job. Some clients prefer to be constantly updated, while others are happier receiving daily or weekly wrap-ups of work that has been completed. Our high level of documentation and back-end organization allows us to cater to the communication needs of our client’s regardless of the level of interaction they prefer, keeping them in the loop and their mind at ease.

All of this is just a part of our concierge level service. No matter the complexity of a control system we strive to make it’s use as second nature as flicking a light switch. We take the fear out of the automation system to make it manageable for all the end users since in the end, it is their experience that matters most. This level of care, communication, and expertise is what being a great integration professional is all about.


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