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Four Ways GMI Protects Your Home

A person’s home is their castle, and GMI Automation not only designs out-of-this-world automation systems for luxury homes throughout the country, we also take the additional steps needed to adequately secure your home, property, and life. Today, we will review four ways GMI Automation and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew protect your home through reliable and intuitive control.

Security and Video Surveillance

The first and most obvious way your home is protected by GMI Automation is through the integration of monitored security into all of our Crestron control systems. What many in the industry fail to realize is how deeply connected luxury home automation is with security system technology. Starting with controlling the access to your home through automated door locks, intercoms and security gates. We program all of our systems to ensure that anyone attempting to access your home without your permission or knowledge, is held at bay and authorities are alerted. In the event that your home or property is the target of criminals or vandals, integrated video surveillance systems can help you and the authorities put an end to any nefarious activity. Professional installed cameras are integrated directly into the Crestron control system and are accessible from any panel or device in the home, and can even be brought up mobily with ease.

Life Safety

GMI takes care when designing our systems to make sure they are wired, built and programmed to the highest of standards, this much is obvious. However, the importance of this cannot be understated. Electronic components by nature produce heat and failure to adequately account for this can cause significant issues. We find all too often that pieces of electronic equipment are placed in cabinetry, closets, and other enclosures without proper ventilation or cooling, and in some cases no ventilation or cooling at all! Not only can overheated equipment run slow, intermittently, or not at all, it can also create significant fire and life safety hazards if not built and placed properly in a home.


At first thought, one might assume that an automated lighting control system in a home would be for both aesthetic and energy saving purposes. While these are of course the two primary reasons homeowners choose to build in lighting to their control systems, there is a hidden benefit of home protection. We have all heard the expert recommendation that when you’re away from home, you should leave lights on inside to create the illusion that the residence is occupied, thus reducing the potential for crime. With programmed lighting and Crestron automation, you never have to think twice about this very important rule. The system will know when the home is occupied, for how long, and by whom, and lighting scenes can be programmed to protect your home from a possible break in, without you even lifting a finger.

Cyber Security

The protection of your home does not stop at the physical items inside, or even the safety of the home’s residents, it includes the network and data running through the system itself. All of our standard level systems are programmed with customized firewalls, built to understand the nuances and interconnected networks of a Crestron control system. These systems work by isolating out individual packets and ensuring any packets that do not belong are eliminated prior to entering into the system. In systems in need of a higher level of network security we deploy Advanced Threat Protection, or ATP, which refers to a category of security solutions that defend against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data. Using Sonicwall managed switches we are able to run software that anticipated threats from the outside, and intelligently mitigate the system to prevent them from getting in.


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