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Retaining Clients in a Luxury Space: 3 Questions

For any professional working in a home or office space, client retention is extremely important. Not only does it make good business sense to treat your clients right and keep them long term, but it will also show potential future clients the value of your service.. In the luxury space this becomes even more important, as the value of the time spent worrying about a malfunctioning system can make its utility vanish. Here are the three questions you should be asking yourself if your client retention isn’t what it should be.

Are your clients comfortable?

Crestron automation systems integrate themselves not only into the technology in a home, but into the customer’s lives as well. Due to this intimacy it is incredibly important that your clients have a certain comfort level with you and your service, as well as the system in their home. Have you taken the time to explain to them how the system can be used? People, especially the luxury homeowner set, respond to service providers when they feel like they’ve been treated the right way. No one wants to continue doing business with a company that doesn’t take the extra time to make them feel at ease, especially one as intimate as a Crestron integration company.

Is your service what it should be?

Leaving a customer with a luxury automation system with no service to back them up is like giving them a Ferrari without access to a seasoned mechanic. Taking the time and organizational energy to ensure that even after stepping off a jobsite you continue to serve your customers at the highest level will keep them in your portfolio in perpetuity. This includes installing proactive monitoring of their system to ensure issues can be stopped before they happen; and having the ability to remotely access the system and address issues regardless of how far away you may be from the physical location. When you are dishing out the money for a system as complicated and powerful as a Crestron control system, you expect and deserve the highest level of service.

Do you work with integrity?

Are you honest with your customers about the true costs of their system? Do you work with fellow vendors to ensure they are at the highest level? Do you document your systems to keep yourself in check? Integrity is the most important aspect of every business, and when it comes to client retention working with honesty and integrity in everything you do will pay dividends. In the luxury space, our clients are keen on when someone is attempting to take advantage of them, so it is imperative that you have the integrity to be truthful about how much a specific improvement will cost and what value it brings to the end user. Customers that understand and appreciate your expertise and honesty will continue to come back and turn into wonderful relationships.

In the end we aren’t called the #DoneRightNotEasy crew for nothing, it takes time and energy to bring your organization to this level.


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