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Common Crestron Issues: Choosing and Labeling Wires

Choosing the correct wires and labeling them properly ensures automation systems function correctly.

A few weeks ago we outlined how proper wire management and guidance are fundamental to effective and well oiled Crestron systems. The complexity of Crestron automation means that these and other wiring issues are incredibly common in the work of less experienced engineers. Today we will be looking at two additional steps GMI takes to ensure our systems work at the highest levels; wire labeling and proper wire choice.

Wire Labeling

Crestron systems can be quite large and contain a complex web of interconnecting wires. We find most systems, prior to our intervention, have no labeling stating where a wire comes from, nor where it goes. To us, this is elementary; labeling is critical for troubleshooting when wires need to be temporarily disconnected and then re-seated.

All interconnecting wires installed by GMI are labeled at each end, indicating from which component the wire originates, to which component the wire goes to, and the type of signal it carries. This level of labeling lets everyone involved know where the wire should land if it were disconnected.

Wire Choice

Not all wire is created equally, in fact, control equipment is designed to use specific types of wiring when interconnecting different components. We find far too often that others make one of two commons mistakes. The first is using wire of the proper type, but of a sub par quality, which will cause the system to underperform or malfunction. Second, some engineers will use the incorrect wire all together as an interconnecting means. This is a huge issue since pushing a wire to do something it is not intended to do in the first place will spell certain death, and is a common point of control system failure.

Pushing wire to do something it is not intended to do is a common point of control system failure

GMI uses our expertise to make sure all our wiring is lined up with its intended use. This of course includes proper wire selection for the components and equipment we are using in the system. We also draw from our decades of collective experience to ensure we are only using wire that is gauged properly for the job at hand.

Complicated systems with interconnected parts will fail for many reasons if not engineered properly. In this industry, constant system failures and issues will cause you to lose a client in no time. Myself and the rest of the Done Right Not Easy Crew take great pride in building beautiful, reliable systems that are designed properly and work for our customers every time.


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