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Ailing Video Conferencing System Gets House Call

When clients are tired of using challenging installations, they call the Crestron Doctors to diagnose and cure their problems. In this case, a video conferencing system was driving a finance company crazy for several years. While the boardroom was of an enterprise-level, the video conferencing was overly-complicated and never worked as it should. The team flew across the country, ready to do what they do best – troubleshoot and repair with the trademark high quality of the #DoneRightNotEasy crew.

The Issues Pile Up

Upon arrival, the video conferencing system had a laundry list of issues, including: wrong microphones, an overly-complex routing of the audio, balancing issues, an incorrectly configured codec and amplifier, limited muting options, and wrong wire types that were incorrectly terminated. Other providers couldn’t seem to fix the problems, but the GMI team knew there was a way to greatly improve and streamline the existing setup without replacing it entirely.

Just Another Case for the Crestron Doctors

It only took a week for the GMI team to get the once-frustrating video conferencing system running optimally. Wires were replaced with the optimal types, the codecs and amplifiers were re-configured, and the audio was re-routed properly. The client was thrilled with the updates and was relieved to no longer worry about delays, bugs, or other issues that might arise.

A Video Conferencing System, and More!

If you’re dealing with a troublesome installation at your home or business, consider giving the Crestron Doctors a call. We have a long track record of fixing existing installations and making them work better than their owners ever imagined. Schedule your free consultation today!


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