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Working Together to Master the Job Site

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew have decades of combined experience managing projects and solving problems on the job site, but the most important factor in our success is the way our team works together with one another, as well as with other vendors on site. Any integrator can tackle a low end job, but when it comes time to getting large scale jobs done on time and on budget, it is this teamwork and job site management that allows us to go above and beyond for our clients.

The most important factor in job site management is the camaraderie among our own team. Regardless of having worked together for several years, or even just a few months, the culture of positivity behind the #DoneRightNotEasyCrew means that even when things get stressful, morale stays high because of how well everyone works together. This type of close knit relationship and powerful company culture is a rarity in the automation industry, and we pride ourselves in the ability to leverage this culture into getting jobs done the right way for our customers.

This all comes from the unique way in which we build and manage our team. A typical integration company’s structure involves a hands-off project manager, who is sometimes not even on site, bossing around a team made up of engineers with very specific roles. While our engineers each have their individual fields of strength, we take time to cross train each engineer on every aspect of the project allowing us to work more effectively as a unit while simultaneously drawing from each of our individual strengths. When the team is on a job site our most experienced engineer is designated as the field supervisor, and instead of barking orders remotely, they are a hands on member of the team, working alongside the rest of the crew and understanding how important each member is to the job at hand.

This camaraderie and job site management plays itself out on real job locations everyday, just recently we had been asked by a current client to relocate the video equipment – monitors and video conferencing components – for a luxury office redesign. In the process we found issues with the original building construction standing in the way of re-mounting a key feature of this design. Tensions rise when deadline looms, but by utilizing our existing hierarchies, listening to the members of the team, and keeping morale high, we were able to collectively work out a custom solution to this unique problem.

In the end, a Crestron control system is only as powerful as the team who assembles it. Your customers are not just buying technology and components, they are buying a team they can depend on. Our streamlined process allows us to overcome obstacles effectively to get it done right for our clients every time.


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