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Video Conference Overhaul Update

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew are no stranger ambitious and large scale projects. We pride ourselves on the ability to build customized automation, network, and communication systems for our clients, at the highest level in the industry. Our expertise has gained us access to some of the highest profile homes and businesses in the country, and financial companies more often than others have sought us out to handle projects for them after other integrators have failed. Recently we previewed the total overhaul of the video conference system for a large financial company with offices in New York City, New Jersey, San Diego, Florida and Texas. Today we will be looking at our progress on this job, and how we use our tools to manage a project with this type of geographic scope.

New York City Office

Our client’s New York City office is their newest location, and is currently being built in the extremely high profile One World Trade building. As one can imagine, the security and access control in this building is at the highest level. This becomes a challenge when attempting to bring control equipment, monitors, wires, and other hardware needs on and off site when they are needed. The extensive planning and documentation we employ on every project allows us to plan ahead effectively to ensure that these additional levels of security are navigated properly by our team on the ground.

Working in high rise buildings not only requires proper organization and logistics, it also requires a deep level of knowledge of the type of space. Unlike a home or a stand alone office building, where we can take control of the entire site, high rise projects means working closely with the building management, as well as an army of already existing vendors and contractors. Many less experienced integrators lack the site management skills needed to excel in this environment.

San Diego Office

Despite being based in New Jersey, our work routinely brings us to some of the most high profile homes and offices up and down the east coast. However bringing a crew across the country to handle a large job is a logistical challenge for even the best in the business. We are able to tackle this due to our ability to plan ahead with our team to ensure that the appropriate engineers are on site at the appropriate time, accounting for travel, tools and equipment.

The ability to do this and do it successfully comes from the unique way in which we build and manage our team. While our engineers each have their individual fields of strength, we take time to cross train each engineer on every aspect of the project allowing us to work more effectively as a unit while simultaneously drawing from each of our individual strengths. In addition our organization and experience allow us the flexibility and tools to send teams across the country without losing quality or efficiency.

Both working in a stunning New York City skyscraper and managing a remote team across the country require a high level of project management experience. Luckily for our clients the #DoneRightNotEasy crew has the experience and knowledge to be prepared for anything.

This project will continue into September, keep following along with the #CrestronDoctors blog for our next update as we continue to work to build this system for our client.


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