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Vendor Relationships: Architects and Builders

Any integrator will tell you that the opportunity to work on a new build home, either the entirety of the building or an extension, is one of the best opportunities to build a truly one of a kind system. This type of opportunity only comes to those integration professionals who have a deep understanding of how homes are built and designed in the first place. We’ve discussed many of the ways Crestron automation touches every part of a home, and why GMI automation and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew take a holistic view of every job site. This attitude is especially important when working alongside the ones responsible for new build construction and home expansion: architects and builders.

Relationships with architects and builders is important for any type of vendor working on a home, as these are the professionals that by their nature have the greatest understanding of the entire site. Automation and integration professionals specifically benefit from cultivating these relationships due to the importance of pre-wiring. The ability to have early access to building specifications allows us to be more efficient in our design, knowing exactly how much and what type of wire we need to appropriately automate a home and distribute audio and video. Working closely with these vendors also allows us to identify structural issues which may stand in the way of the homeowners desired automation experience, and correct them on paper early, saving ourselves, the builders, and most importantly, our clients time, money, and frustration.

When working with a builder on an existing structure that is being renovated, oftentimes the placement of a control room or even a new theater can cause unexpected issues. Take for example the luxury theater we installed in a client’s Bedminster New Jersey home. When building the specialized and acoustically treated room, we came upon an important support beam when it came time to remove a wall. In this case we were able to leverage our relationship with the builder on the project to procure appropriate materials and working alongside the builder to complete the space as designed. All of this while staying on schedule and ensuring that our client got the theater they expected.

Working closely with architects and builders doesn’t just increase the value of our own automation services, it enhances the value of their services as well. Often in first time Crestron installations we often find ourselves working with vendors who don’t have experience with automation systems. When this happens we take the time to educate and ask second level questions about their work and process so we can ensure everything will play nice in the end, leading to positive performance and improvement all around. Builders and architects are especially interested in growing their knowledge base when it comes to automation, as nearly 75 percent of Americans surveyed say they are looking for automation technology in their next home. The knowledge attained by working with an experienced team like the #DoneRightNotEasy crew can easily lead to more jobs and higher margins for an architect or builder who is looking to the future.

Whether you are a builder or architect experiencing automation for the first time, or have worked with professional integrators many times, the value gained by joining forces on a job site with GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is invaluable. Our experience with Crestron automation system is unmatched in the industry and our ability to look at the bigger picture of any job site makes this a match made in heaven.

Are you a luxury home architect or builder looking to incorporate automation into your next project? 


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