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Unique Design for Powerful Control

When we are first approached for a full home automation project, either new build or takeover, we often encounter clients who are unaware of the true potential of a Crestron system. While the more well known components of a Crestron automation system might be what originally piques the interest of a prospective client, the reality is that Crestron control is only limited by your imagination, and that with proper design, installation and coding, anything is possible.

As experienced integrators and Crestron engineers, we’ve made many of our client’s dreams into reality. Here are just some of the ways we use this expertise to bring a unique Crestron experience to our clients.

Exceeding Expectations

One of the ways we separate ourselves from other integrators and provide a unique experience is by providing solutions that are better than our clients even anticipate. Specifically with distributed 4K. We’ve talked at length about the difficulties of effectively distributing 4K throughout a space, and it is because of that difficulty that we take it to the next level.
TVs are mounted throughout the home and connected back to the Crestron control system and centralized video sources. These sources are all different, and thus send out signals at different resolutions. We install scalers at the TV level so that no matter what a source is presenting, even if it is not in 4K resolution, it will present as such. Our clients are spending big money for 4K projectors and televisions, and many integrators will fail to take advantage of that.

Bringing People Together

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew believe that automation’s purpose should be to simplify and streamline not just your home or office, but your life as well. Many of our clients spend time across multiple homes and places of business, and need a simple but effective way to keep in communication with family members or business associates.

We accomplish this is by linking systems together with powerful and reliable network connections, creating the infrastructure for instant communication. In a recent multi home system we included a custom built, robust intercom system which allowed the end users to use any control panel to speak with someone at any other control panel, no matter in which house they happen to be. In this blog we have also extensively outlined our expertise in video conferencing systems. Both intercom and video conferencing systems require interplay between Crestron automation platforms and third party software, which require unique and customized code to work effectively.

Integrating Protection and Control

Crestron automation is known for being exciting, cool, and on the cutting edge of technology. Quite the opposite, home and network security are two of the most boring things imaginable. However, when they are all linked together, automation, home security, and protected networks, they bring a level of control and simplicity that our clients simply do not expect.

Not only does this integration protect your home from unwanted intrusion from physical burglars and cyber criminals, it also provides the foundation on which your simplified life now rests. Room occupancy sensors and door contacts, traditionally used in security systems, are dual purposed to trigger any number of automation scenes. Imagine leaving a room and not having to think twice about even hitting a switch to ensure lights, music and entertainment devices are powered down. Network systems are built from the ground up to ensure that your devices are never without powerful wireless signal, no matter where you are on the site.

The happiness and experience of our client’s is the most important thing for us, and it’s because of this that we strive everyday to provide unique and powerful automation solutions for their homes and businesses.

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