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Three Things I’ve Learned my First Month at GMI

Joining a company with such a reputation for consistency and quality as GMI has been an honor, but daunting at the same time. I’ve been working with technology and networking systems since I was a teenager, but in my first 30 days with the #DoneRightNotEasy crew they’ve taught me more about the automation industry than I could have ever thought possible. Here are three of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since joining the team.

1) The Importance of Proper Code for Functioning Crestron Systems

Having never worked directly with installing or programming Crestron before, I was excited to learn everything the powerful systems were capable of. In previous positions, I had been contracted to remove supposedly “not working” Crestron systems and replace them with what I thought at the time to be superior equipment. From day one at GMI I quickly learned what went into making Crestron control systems truly incredible, and that was the intricate coding and programming at a granular level. Finding out that the Crestron systems I had seen fail in the past had the potential to be great systems and were simply not properly programmed, coded or installed, really opened my eyes that the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is really something special.

2) Understanding and Mitigating Failure Points

With systems as complex and multifaceted as the ones we design and build for our clients, I’ve learned how imperative it is that we pay attention to and eliminate potential failure points. Patch panels, couplings, and daisy chained equipment was commonplace on some former job sites, and I now know that any of those could turn into a pain point for a client. The GMI engineers work with an understanding of how a complex system works, and how it can fail. I’ve quickly learned the importance of doing the job in such a way so that failure is not even an option.

3) Proper Wiring and Clean Installs

This blog has covered these items many times, but prior to joining up with the team here at GMI, I did not understand the true importance of cleanly wired and built systems. Many integrators will cut corners in areas that are invisible to the client, but at GMI everything is immaculate, client facing or not. This especially struck me when dealing with shielded wire for distributing 4K. Shielded wire delivers a clearer picture without interference from other wires of component system parts. While the end user may have no idea of the difference, the #DoneRightNotEasy crew makes sure to use the correctly shielded wire, guided and posted properly for the ultimate in quality.

My first month here at GMI has been a learning experience for sure. I am happy to be working alongside engineers who are so dedicated to building simple, reliable and intuitive systems for our clients. Working with properly programmed quality equipment and never cutting corners allows us to take our client’s luxury homes to the next level.


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