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The Truth About Concierge Level Service

Selecting the right vendor for any project in your home can be a difficult task. Often times contractors and home professionals will make promises about their services that they simply do not, or can not, keep. Our knowledge of this all too common issue is why GMI Automation and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew make it part of our culture to deliver above and beyond our customer’s expectations at every turn. Of course, this concierge level service does not come easy and takes effort and coordination at every level of the job in order to be done effectively. 

Being a ‘Five Star’ dealer and delivering a quality product is not a simple task. It means working with the customer and meeting their needs at every step of the way. To do this you must manage every aspect of a project from the initial consultation to the final finished package and beyond. There are hundreds of Crestron dealers throughout the country who do quality work and build quality systems, but it takes hitting your mark at every turn to truly shine beyond just the technology you install.

As with all successful projects, our installations begin with a customer consultation. During this process, we take care to design the system with every end user in mind.  This includes every family member in a home or every employee in an office environment. The most difficult aspect of this step is that oftentimes the customer will not be able to articulate the specifics of their needs.  It is important that we have the patience to listen and attune ourselves to what the client requires before designing just another out-of-the-box automation system. Utilizing the crystal ball of our combined decades of experience, we granularly look through the upcoming project to make sure the outcome is correct for our customer.

Once the consultation phase is complete and the system has been built out on paper, the real fun begins. 

Our philosophy of complete concierge service extends to every job site we touch and every vendor we work alongside. 

Automation and integration is not a single discipline. It is mastered through understanding every aspect of the job site not limited to electrical, HVAC, Audio/Video and even landscaping. All trades fall under our purview when going above and beyond for our clients.

We often find ourselves inspiring the vendors we work with to elevate their service as well to a truly five-star experience. This is due to the fact that no matter what vendor is used, if their equipment touches the automation system, we take control and become the full technologist. For example, at a recently completed job we integrated a state of the art golf simulator into the client’s Crestron system, and even though the simulation company sold the equipment, we took responsibility for the programming and service for any issues that might arise.

Concierge level service is beyond just physical technology. This is why before leaving the job site and completing a project, we make sure that the customer has the knowledge and confidence they need to use the system to their desired level. No matter the complexity of a control system we strive to make it’s use as second nature as flicking a light switch. We take the fear out of the automation system to make it manageable for all the end users, since in the end it is their experience that matters most.

Leaving a customer with a luxury automation system with no service to back them up is like giving them a Ferrari without access to a seasoned mechanic. Even after we step off a job site we continue to serve our customers at the highest level. This includes proactive monitoring of their system to ensure we can stop issues before they happen; and the ability to remotely access the system and address issues regardless of how far away we are from the physical location.

These are just some of the ways GMI Automation takes quality to another level with our complete Concierge Level Service.


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