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The Myth of “Out of the Box” Automation

Brands and products advertising “smart home” and home automation solutions are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it seems every week you see a report about how more and more American’s are automating their home in some way shape or form. Tech giants such as Apple, Amazon and Google are all dipping their toes into the automation market, advertising all in one solutions for lighting, climate control, and entertainment. Despite the ubiquity of these out of the box solutions, The simple fact of the matter is that true luxury home automation is only possible through professionally built and programmed Crestron control systems.

While many of DIY automation systems on the market claim to simplify your life with an automated home, they all are limited in their ability to deliver on that promise. The power of a Crestron automation system is limitless, provided your integration team has the knowledge to program and engineer the system effectively. Recently, while consulting with new clients, we have seen many expectations be muted due to a misunderstanding of what an automated home can do. The pervasiveness of these DIY automation systems has led many to believe automation starts and ends with entertainment, lights and climate control. Once these client’s realize what Crestron control systems are truly capable of, their imagination tends to grow and grow, creating a system as unique as they are.

The reality is that a truly automated home will never come out of a box with lego like instructions for construction. The solution to properly automating your home is to work with professional integrators who understand the systems and components they are working with, as well as have the experience programming the systems for success. Building a proper automation system with out of the box technology and 3rd party applications is tantamount to building a supercomputer with just a hardware enclosure and some screws.

It is due to this complexity that there are often a lot of pitfalls and mistakes in systems built by other integrators, designers or programmers. These issues can unfortunately give the end user the wrong idea about what Crestron systems are capable of, and gives them the reputation as being not dependable or not ever working to their potential. This may lead may lead to potential customers seeking out a DIY, out of the box solution to automate their homes. The truth is that Crestron systems, when in the hands of capable engineers, are only limited by your imagination.

Even if one was to purchase and install an out of the box automation system, and somehow have it working properly to their liking, the maintenance and upkeep of the component parts would be a time consuming endeavor. If you are turning your home into a computer powered “smart home” why would you want the extra hassle of troubleshooting and replacing components when something inevitably doesn’t go right. The beauty of having an professional installed and programmed Crestron automation system by the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is our concierge service. We make sure your system is working properly from the day you turn it on, with back end access for troubleshooting and advanced monitoring to identify problems before they happen.

So before you believe the hype in the burgeoning DIY home automation market, take a step back. If a system comprised of multiple third party components, limited ability and daunting upkeep sounds like it’s for you, by all means head to your nearest big box store. If unlimited potential, custom built systems and five star support for true home automation, contact us today and let the #DoneRightNotEasy crew take your home to the next level.


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