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The Importance of Integrity On The Job Site

It’s unfortunate to think that we live in a world where home improvement and technology vendors devise ways to take advantage of their clients on the job site. Whether they are being dishonest about the need for an expensive piece of equipment or installing sub-par components that simply won’t live up to the end users expectations, GMI has seen it all. This is why we constantly go the extra mile to ensure we work with integrity and honesty at every step of our jobs, including keeping other vendors in line with our vision to ensure our customers are happy and treated fairly.

Many Crestron systems fail to deliver the desired effect because the integrator fails to properly consult the customer and in turn design the system properly.

It Starts With Honesty

As with all of our work, the integrity we bring to every job begins with the planning and consultation stage. As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, many Crestron systems fail to deliver the desired effect because the integrator fails to properly consult the customer and in turn design the system properly. GMI takes care to adequately consult our customers on the scope of the project, taking their needs and concerns into account. This includes being honest about the real costs and benefits of the products we will be using in their systems and making sure they have an understanding of what we are putting in their home.

Effective Leadership

The real test of an integrators integrity on a job site comes when we begin working alongside and dealing with vendors from other industries. Home automation is a complicated process that involves working with electricians, HVAC professionals, landscapers, and many others. As we work alongside these vendors we are constantly ensuring they aren’t cutting corners or taking shortcuts with their work. Since the automation system touches all of these systems in some way it is up to us to take the responsibility if something goes wrong, which means elevating other vendors to our level of work ethic and quality to ensure a great end user experience for our clients. We build with the customer’s space and aesthetics at the front of our mind and put the onus on ourselves to make their system great no matter what outside influences come up.

Extensive Documentation

Another way we maintain integrity and honesty on the job site is with our extensive level of documentation. Not only does document and keeping track of every wire we run and component we place to allow us to easily maintain and monitor a system, it also serves as a check and balance against cutting corners ourselves. Our team often spends dozens of hours preparing and updating documentation over the course of a job, which directly serves to save our clients frustration and dollars by reducing failure points and streamlining maintenance.

Team Communication Is Key

Everything, of course, comes back to our broad knowledge base about how these technologies and components work. Understanding how different parts of our system interact with different systems in the home allows us to keep other vendors in check, and understand when mistakes have been made.  Constant interaction between team members and vendors to work out the unique challenges of Crestron automation is critical. In order for this to be successful, we strive to work with vendors who possess the same level of integrity as us which means being willing to communicate and accept criticism when their work is not up to an acceptable level for our clients.

At the end of the day, integrating technologies in a home is more than just plugging in and programming Crestron control systems and calling it a day, the interplay between the #DoneRightNotEasy crew and other on-site vendors, and our ability to manage and control the outcome of a job are crucial to the happiness of the end user and their family.


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