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The Importance of End User Experience

With social media dominating our eyeballs every second of the day, it is easy for an integrator or technologist to show off a flashy new theater or even an impressive wiring job. Unfortunately for some, it is much more difficult to convey the behind the scenes work that goes into making Crestron control systems so powerful. Many integrators miss the mark when it comes to perhaps the most important factor, the end user experience.

One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by building our systems in a manner that is familiar to the end user. Everyone knows someone who refuses to give up on a brand of smartphone, no matter how often they’re told that a competitor might have a better product. This occurs because psychologically, people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. We understand this principle and use in two primary ways design our systems for the maximum user experience. The first is working with the customer to find out what features of their current setup they prefer, then picking and choosing the elements of many different platforms to create a control system as unique as the user themselves. We also design our systems so that each of the separate parts of the system look and feel the same way, leading to a simple and intuitive automated home or office.

When building and programming our Crestron control systems, it’s important to anticipate the client’s needs even years down the line. This means building our systems with room to be expanded and upgraded, without sacrificing the user experience. Our code is written and the system infrastructures are built to allow for a component to be upgraded or replaced, without the end user needing to learn any new commands or build any new habits. The only difference to them will be the increased quality of their video or the faster speed in their network. Systems are segregated from one another and operated through a central control hub, which allows these upgrades and expansions to be done quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day, our customers are creatures of habit, and they expect their control systems to work properly every time they walk through the door. Through properly deployed code, effectively communication and consultation, and efficient system design, we build simple, intuitive, and reliable systems that are as second nature as flipping a light switch.


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