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Simplify Your Home Workout With Powerful Automation

When it comes to luxury home design, one of the most popular elements in recent years is the home gym. Who doesn’t want the convenience and ease of working out at home versus joining a crowded gym or scheduling time at a boutique class. Physical fitness and overall health are extremely important, and our busy clients need solutions that allow them more easily fit a workout into their jam packed schedules. Enter GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew, we take the effort out of the home workout with custom automation that helps you focus on yourself.

For those who workout in the morning, getting out of bed and getting started can often be the most difficult step. Automated shades and lighting systems can be programmed to gradually bring the light level in the room up to daylight levels, easing you into the day regardless of what time you need to be up for your workout. Once you change and begin your walk across the estate to the gym, the simple flick of a switch will illuminate your path and trigger environmental controls, keeping the gym itself the perfect temperature for a comfortable session.

When you arrive inside the gym itself, proper programming of your Crestron automation system brings the room to life at the push of a button. From a wall switch, Crestron remote, panel, or even your smartphone device, you can instantly trigger the lights to your desired level, and turn on your choice of entertainment for your workout. Does music motivate you through your weights and cardio? Streaming music can instantly pump your workout playlist through speakers nested behind walls or in the ceiling. Perhaps you’re a busy financial professional and you use your gym time to catch up on the morning news. Your desired channel or set of channels can be queued right away when you enter the room.

Our ability to build custom and unique solutions for our clients doesn’t just go for behind the scenes coding and programming. We take time to physically design our systems for the rooms as well. This means building custom mounting brackets for Crestron panels for mirrored gym walls or even for an exercise machine itself. Imagine running on the treadmill and having the ability to change the channel, music, or both right at your fingertips. Panels can even be programmed to control video surveillance, home access, or link with video conferencing software, mitigating against unforeseen items interrupting your important workout.

Crestron automation systems built and programmed by GMI Automation, while powerful, are designed to simplify the life or our end users. When a client has a gym in their luxury home we know they take their physical health very seriously, and during the design phase of our system we get to know their habits and routines, allowing us to build out the features discussed in the previous paragraphs. Just another reason why the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is the luxury homeowners first choice for streamlined and reliable automation systems.

Does your home gym need that extra level of control and simplicity? Contact GMI today and learn more.


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