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Shading Lighting and Temperature Control

As the summer season begins to enter it’s peak, outside temperatures continue to soar. In fact, 2017 is shaping up to be one of the hottest years on record, with heat waves expected into the early fall. Luckily for our clients, Crestron automation systems expertly manage home or office temperatures while conserving energy in the process We’ve discussed often on this blog how automated lighting and shading systems are instrumental for a great automation system and full home control. Today we will discuss specifically how these systems work together with environmental systems to manage the temperature in a home or office, allowing users to effectively beat the summer heat without lifting a finger.

Temperature regulation through Crestron automation begins in a traditional sense, with automated thermostats. We integrate these devices directly into standard residential HVAC systems using industry standard wiring, and back to a Crestron control system processor for integrated control. The control system is then programmed to automatically adjust the temperature based on time of day, outdoor temperature, room occupancy, and many other factors.

Integrating your home or office’s HVAC system into Crestron automation is just the beginning of how GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew design control systems to properly regulate the temperature of a home or office. An automated shading system allows users to block direct sunlight coming into the home, lightening the workload of the HVAC system and creating a more even distribution of temperature throughout the space. Automated shading can also be used in the cooler months, utilising direct sunlight to enhance heating system efficiency.

When programmed and designed in conjunction with shading and environmental systems, a connected lighting control system is the final step in properly regulating temperature. As your automated shades silently reduce the amount of sunlight entering and heating a room, the lighting system works expertly together with it to maintain the ideal light level, ensuring that the end user can move about a space adequately. Lighting systems also reduce the strain on your home or offices power systems, reduces consumption through dimming lights to use only the necessary energy and automatic control of lighting when you enter and exit a room through motion sensors.

Anytime we build and design a Crestron automation system for a home or office, we do so to improve the day to day life of the end user. With integrated thermostats, shading, and lights, our system’s users never have to worry about taking time out of their busy days to ensure temperature is regulated properly. They simply stroll into the space and Crestron and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew take care of the rest.


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