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Saving Clients Time and Energy

Readers of this blog, be they integration professionals or Crestron enthusiasts of any ilk, are all familiar with the age old concept that time is money. When you work at the level of GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew this takes on a whole new dimension. Our clients range from hedge fund managers to wealthy homeowners, whose every minute wasted can mean the loss of untold fortunes. Today we will be looking at the multitude of ways we work closely with our clients and their automation systems to save them time, energy, and ultimately money.

At their heart, the Crestron automation systems we build for our clients are designed to streamline and simplify their lives, which means saving them time and energy at any point in the day we can. One of the ways we accomplish this is by custom programming and designing our systems to suit our client’s specific needs. Meeting with a client at the initial consultation stage we take time to dig deep, asking second level questions about their day to day routines and how an automation system can help the reclaim their valuable time.

The nature of our work often brings us into full home or office renovation job sites involving a multitude of different vendors working at the same time. This is a natural byproduct of working in luxury spaces, since our client’s time is so valuable, it only makes sense that they would work to schedule multiple home improvement projects within a similar time frame. To further alleviate the burden from our busy clients, and since Crestron systems touch almost every part of the home or office, we work to take control of every aspect of the job site to ensure a smooth installation of not only the automation system, but any other renovations that may be under way.

Once a system is in place and the client begins to use it on a daily basis, it will come as no surprise how a streamlined and simplified home or office saves time and frustration for more important pursuits. Everything from smartphone notifications to integrated security and access control create an environment where with the touch of a button or the tap of a screen can prevent the user from having to stop a task to grant entry to their home or communicate with staff.

Anything as complex as a Crestron automation system is bound to require maintenance and repair, which can be a burden for our busy clients. To protect against this we install proactive monitoring software within their system to ensure we can identify and stop potential issues before they happen. In the event that these measures fail and there is a system malfunction, we have the ability to remotely access the system and address issues regardless of how far away we are from the physical location. This can allow us to quickly bring a system back online or easily identify and replace a failure point, often correcting issues within hours of them being first reported. Thanks to this proactive monitoring and back end access, systems can be diagnosed and repaired without our client’s day to day lifestyle being affected.

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