GMI Automation takes complex automation systems and makes them simple to use, reliable, and intuitive for our clients. With just three steps GMI simplifies the process of making the once thought to be impossible, possible.

Design & Documentation

At GMI Automation the process starts with the design and documentation phase.  You will be assigned an automation professional who will listen to your specific needs, make expert recommendations, and design the custom automation system that you dreamed of.  Converting this design into written documentation is an important component of a successful project.  We create uniformity within your project for clear communication across the entire installation.


Technology that complements your vision and design.

This is when the exceeding of your expectations begins.  GMI’s perfection in installation stems from our system of people and processes, perfectly designed to produce the results our clients have come to expect from us.  It is this unique ability to execute, at the highest level, that is our #1 competitive advantage.

Train, Maintain, Monitor, Service

We have a dedicated service department and processes in place to handle your service needs professionally and efficiently.

GMI’s scheduled maintenance program keeps everything running as intended. 24/7 monitoring of your entire system by our cutting edge systems, alerting of potential failure before you ever experience a problem. This service also provides periodic cleaning and on-site inspection of the components in your system at regular intervals, usually on a quarterly or annual basis.