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Preview Video Conference System Overhaul

In this blog, we’ve discussed many instances of mistakes made by other integrators that have led to critical automation and communication systems failing or underperforming. Everything from poor design, improper equipment, or poorly managed installations can lead to disaster for a system you rely on to work properly every time you use it. This is especially important when our client is a financial institution or in the financial industry, as not only do these organizations need to comply with specific compliance rules set forth by the SEC, but the sensitive and high-end nature of their business dealings means system failure is not an option.

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew pride ourselves on our ability to utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to correct issues for clients who rely on flawless performance from their automation systems. This is why we are excited to preview one of our coolest projects yet, overhauling the video conference system of a large financial company with offices in New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Southern California.

Big time financial firms who deal with large investments require flawless and mistake proof technology and our newest clients have simply become fed up with the issues they’ve been experiencing with their integrated video conferencing system. To them this system is critical, being used for both important inter-office meetings across all four of their sites, as well as being used to speak with potential investors, often those looking to invest significant sums of money.

The host of issues that have continued to plague this firm’s video conferencing system starts with significant connection issues. Meeting attendees would routinely be disconnected from the conference, and oftentimes would not be able to connect in the first place. Those that were able to get past these connection difficulties would be met with audio problems, not being able to hear others in the meeting or communicate effectively as their audio dropped off unexpectedly. As you can imagine these types of issues are extremely frustrating for a financial company attempting to court large investments or work effectively with their staff to manage extensive portfolios. At their wit’s end, the partners at the firm were ready to give up the video conferencing and automation systems altogether, and this is where GMI comes in.

Upon arriving on site and sensing the frustration with the systems first hand, we began to review the existing system and consult the firm on how to correct their issues the right way, and not the easy way. The problems, we found, stemmed from the usual culprit; a poorly designed system leading directly to a subpar installation process. While the control and video equipment itself were top of the line, the previous integration company lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to build an effective and reliable system. Anyone can order high-end equipment, but it takes cunning and teamwork to properly design, program and installs an automation system that is simple, reliable and intuitive.

We look forward to highlighting this newest project as we embark to each of these offices to help our client right the ship and begin to utilize the best technology available as it was meant to be used. Stay tuned!


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