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Introducing: The Crestron Doctors Blog

Crestron systems invisibly power the most high end office and luxury home spaces you can imagine, integrating audio, video, security and climate control technology for a worry free experience every single time you walk through the door. What many people don’t realize though, is that not all Crestron systems are created equal. In our 20 years of experience programming and installing Crestron systems, we at GMI have seen it all, and there’s a reason we have a reputation in the industry as the “Crestron Doctors”. We wanted to begin sharing our stories and expertise in the world of integration with the goal of educating our readers to how and why Crestron systems should work right the first time, and every time. Here’s some of the topics you can look forward to us covering in the coming months.

Case Studies

GMI is proud of our work, and rightfully so, our team of engineers are the best in the industry and we will be using this blog as a platform to show off their great work, in their own words. Each one of our engineers will be highlighting specific jobs they’re proud of accomplishing and what makes those installs so special. From new theater installs to clean-ups on out of date or poorly installed Crestron systems, there’s no shortage of work to show off and you can be sure our tech’s won’t be shy! After all our motto is “Done right not easy” and we stand by that on every job we do.

Not all Crestron systems are created equal. 

Common Crestron Problems

Crestron systems are as complex as they are impressive, and with that complexity comes a whole mess of problems that can crop up when a system is installed by a less skilled team of engineers. Throughout their years of experience our engineers have come across every type of issue you can imagine, and we will be using this blog to highlight these issues and why they’re important to diagnose. From labeling and wire guidance to coding and proper job consultation, we will make sure you know what warning signs to watch for before integrating and automating your luxury home or office.

Integration and Compliance

In the financial world, SEC compliance is big business, and between access control, data management, site security and digital communications, compliance officers have a lot on their plate. GMI specializes in building fully compliant and state of the art systems to keep our client’s finance firms on the forefront of technology, leaving compliance officers the time they need to ensure their firms aren’t subject to fines and additional regulations. We will be focusing on how our systems seamlessly assist compliance officers and financial firms with this burden.

We hope you join us as we dive into the world of Crestron systems and the work our engineers do to ensure our systems are always working beautifully and without fault for the ultimate in integration technology. There’s no telling what types of new integration and automation technology are in our future, but one thing is certain, that the GMI team will be ready and willing to engage with these technologies to give the top of the line performance our clients expect and deserve. Please feel free to share our stories or drop us a line in the comments section.


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