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Going Deeper: The Next Level of Automation

A Crestron automation system in a home or office is the epitome of luxury. Wired and seamlessly connected to every aspect of your home, these systems, when properly built and coded by an integrator such as the #DoneRightNotEasy crew, simplify and streamline not only your home, but your life as well. To us, it is more than just this simplicity that brings true value to our Crestron automation systems, our value comes from taking our automation to the next level by going deeper into traditional automation concepts to truly revolutionize a space.

Today we will be looking at three ways we take traditional Crestron automation to the next level through proper coding, programming, and installation.

Shading and Lighting – The aesthetics and beauty of your luxury home are important to you, and one of the main ways a Crestron automation system adds to this is through automated lighting and shades. These systems are integrated together and programmed to provide your desired level of light at all times throughout the day and night, either through programmed buttons, or through timed automation.

To take these systems to the next level we provide an in house interior design solution. This ensures that not only are the lighting fixtures and window treatment choices powerfully automated, but that they complement and enhance the aesthetics of your home as well. In addition to this, those luxury homeowners who have invested in fine art pieces will find our automated lighting for these pieces helps protect the longevity of these investments through proper automation or light type and levels.

Distributed Entertainment – The ability to have audio and video entertainment instantly streamed to devices throughout your home is one of the biggest selling features of Crestron automation. With the evolution of both HD video and quality streaming music, to do this effectively requires a detailed and deft understanding of both how a system is physically built, and how it is programmed on the back end.

Distributed 4K video can be one of the most difficult tasks to conquer for an integrator, and there isn’t always one right way to accomplish this. GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy have a variety of weapons at our disposal, including extensive knowledge of how to navigate ever changing HDCP protocols, and how to equip our systems to deliver the same 4K quality to every screen in the home through centralized source equipment and scaling devices.

Security – Home security and protection may seem boring, but in reality is one of the most important bedrocks to an automation system. Either by protecting your home directly through 24/7 monitoring, or by more tacit methods such as automated lighting scenes designed to make an empty home seem occupied, the protection of your home is both constant and out of sight.

Integrated security not only protects your home, but it combines directly into automation programming to allow for a new world of possibilities. Room occupancy sensors, door contacts, and access control, work directly with your Crestron system to trigger lighting, and entertainment choices simply by entering or leaving a room or opening a specific door. Even in the event of an attempted break-in, the entire home is programmed to react to deter any potential intruders.

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