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Designing Systems to Maximize Space

When you work in a luxury environment, be it a condo, a home, an office, or an entire estate, it’s imperative that every inch of space be used effectively. Our clients invest a significant amount of money into their homes and work areas which means every part of the home carries significant value, and cannot be cluttered with unnecessary equipment. Through our extensive experience working with high end clients, GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew understand this fact and design and build our systems with functionality, reliability and aesthetics at the front of our minds.

This effort starts with a core tenant of our installations, clean and consolidated control racks. Rack consolidation has many benefits, including reduction of failure points and ease of maintenance. Rack consolidation starts with the removal of all video content devices from TV locations to a centralized control rack, immediately returning this valued space back to the homeowner for storage and ascetic purposes.

The quest to effectively manage a client’s space takes on new meaning when working in high rises and condo buildings. In areas such as New York City’s upper east side both floor space and space for rack builds is at more of a premium than ever. To combat this on a recent job we designed and built a fully customized control rack to fit into the office closet of our client’s penthouse. This custom built system allowed our client to have complete Crestron control while still fully maximizing the value of their space.

Floor space is not the only thing on our client’s mind when it comes to an aesthetically pleasing control system. Wall real estate is an incredibly important issue as well. Be it full screen control panels, lighting panels or even televisions, the design and look of a client’s wall requires careful planning when building out a full home automation system. Hiding a television behind a piece of art is common practice in the automation and integration industry, but the #DoneRightNotEasy crew take it to the next level by regularly building custom mounting brackets and enclosures for equipment, ensuring these pieces are where the client wants them to be, not just where the system demands they be placed.

Of course none of this would be possible without proper consultation and documentation of a project. Failure to understand a client’s needs, especially regarding use of their space, can lead to a poor designed system. It is important to understand before the project begins what areas of both the floor plan and wall real estate are off limits, and which are available for use. When Crestron automation is customized and centralized in this fashion, proper documentation becomes even more critical for our engineers to properly manage and maintain the system health.


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