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Crestron Systems and Your Smartphone

There’s little doubt that in 2017, people love to connect with their smart phones and devices. In fact, the average user checks his or her smartphone 46 times a day, totalling almost 8 billion check ins a day in the United States alone. GMI understands the ubiquity of these devices and furthermore understands that our busy Crestron automation users need to be able to access their systems quickly and easily, regardless if they are on premise or not.

Here are just some of the ways GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew connect your smartphone and your Crestron automation system for the ultimate in control from anywhere.

Complete Control

First and foremost, control of your connected and automated home or office through your smartphone or mobile device is not limited in anyway, and provides you with complete control of lights, shades, media, climate, security, and every other piece of the Crestron system. Whether you are laying in bed out of reach of your Crestron remote, or across the world on business, your device will be connected directly to your Crestron system without any limitations to access. You can even manage multiple Crestron systems in different locations through the same app, eliminating any need to manage multiple logins.


GMI understands that for an end user to be comfortable using their system, the system must fit into the life and habits they are already used too. This means streamlining and customizing the Graphical User Interface, or GUI, for all Crestron panels and control devices. The Crestron Control App for Apple and Android devices can be programmed and designed to duplicate the exact interface used for the in home panels and devices. This means no matter where the user is in the world, they will be able to easily control their Crestron system without learning new steps or patterns.

Under One Roof

One of the best things about bringing Crestron control to your smartphone or device is how, like the system itself, every part of your system is brought under one roof. No longer will you be forced to switch back and forth between multiple applications in order to control the different parts of your home. This is especially important when it comes to video surveillance. Camera systems typically require stand alone apps to operate, but with Crestron you can view your camera system in full HD directly from the Crestron app itself. Even more impressive is the integration with Rava SIP Intercom Technology, enabling hands-free wireless communication with touch screens, door stations, and mobile devices throughout a residence or workplace, all directly from the lock screen of your phone with push notifications.

Stay In The Know

While many of our end users prefer to utilise our concierge level back end service to monitor and keep track of their system maintenance, others like to be updated directly with system statuses and changes. The Crestron mobile app can be programmed by our engineers to provide end users with as much or as little information as they desire on a day to day basis, all delivered directly to the palm of their hand wherever they may be. This can be especially useful for business owners and compliance officers, allowing them to be alerted anytime a specific individual at their firm enters or leaves the premises, or even when someone is utilizing the video conferencing system.

At the end of the day, the level at which one uses and accesses a Crestron control system from a mobile device is up to the user themselves. Much like the systems themselves, this mobile access is endlessly customizable and catered directly to our users after working together with them to understand how the system will be used. Proving once again that the #DoneRightNotEasy crew can create a lifestyle for you limited only by your imagination.

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