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Crestron Away From Home

The power and simplicity of a Crestron automation system built and deployed by the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is a thing of beauty. Walking into your home and with the press of a button turning on lights, music or entertainment to your exact specifications, and having it be as second nature as flipping a light switch quickly becomes a luxury you couldn’t imagine living without. Though nowadays, with busy travel and work schedules, oftentimes our clients are spending more and more time away from their homes and creature comforts. Luckily for them, their Crestron system doesn’t stop working no matter where in the world they may find themselves.

Benefits of Remote Automation

One of the great benefits of using Crestron control systems is that the associated mobile apps allow you to control your home remotely from your smartphone or device. This functionality gives you the ability to control your lights, thermostats, audio/video, and other systems even when you are not physically in your home. GMI will also integrate home security features directly into your automation system, protecting your home when you are away. You can even use the Crestron mobile app to grant access to your home to housekeepers or pet caretakers with ease. Don’t want to worry about manually granting access? Your system can be programmed to give specific access to an individual based on a specific user code, ensuring they only are able to access the parts of the home in which they are needed to work.

With GMI, you can enjoy the ability to control your lights, thermostats, audio/video, and other systems even when you are not physically in your home.

Benefits of Automation While You Are Away

As we mentioned at the top, your control system continues to work behind the scenes no matter if you are home or not. Integration into the security system will communicate the occupancy status of your home to the system which will then automatically regulate the environmental conditions, lighting, security and power use without you having to lift a finger. Other automation solutions rely on direct user interface in order to adjust and monitor these environmental systems, but GMI understands that our end users time is valuable, so we create and program systems to work effortlessly in the background leaving the end user to focus on their work or travel needs. Real-time notifications will alert you to any potential security issues and remote access to your camera system will allow you to look in on your home from anywhere, all from within the same app.

Concierge Support From GMI

Our white glove concierge level service not only means that we build systems catered specifically to our end users experience, but we also go the extra mile to make sure your system is working properly at all times. This comes in the form of proactive monitoring systems which keep track of the system and notifies us of any device failure or latency. They can even be programmed to notify of negative trends, allowing us to address system failure before it happens. Even greater is the the ability to remotely access the system and address issues regardless of how far away we are from the physical location. Since our systems are comprehensively documented, if an issue pops up when you are away from home we can oftentimes address and repair without you worrying about keeping track of the system yourself.

About GMI Automation

It’s for all these reasons and more that GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew build simple, intuitive and reliable Crestron control systems that our end users never have to worry about. Traveling for work or taking a vacation free from stress about the status of your home is a luxury that comes built in with all of our systems.


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