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Crestron and Your Indoor Pool

For those luxury homeowners that just can’t get enough of the summer lifestyle, an indoor pool is a natural choice. However as with any complicated system, indoor pools bring with them a share of headaches that our busy clients do not have the time or energy to add to their already very full plates. Luckily for them, GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew make it our mission to streamline and simplify the life of our clients, and integration of an indoor pool into a Crestron automation system can create an amazing indoor swimming destination as stress free as the rest of a luxury automated home.

When your pool is inside a home, as opposed to out in the elements, it calls for a more nuanced approach to regulating the temperature of the water. This is especially important if your indoor pool has both a traditional pool as well as a hot tub or spa. When automated through a Crestron control system, indoor pool and hot tub temperatures can be directly linked to the overall environmental systems of the home. Integrating the pool and hot tub into the larger full home ecosystem saves energy and time, and creates the perfect swimming temperature each and every time the pool is used.

Indoor pools are often used as part of an at home workout, either directly through lap swimming, or by using the hot tub as part of a warmup or cool down procedure. As with the home gym, integration into a Crestron automation system means that hot tub jets and heating systems can be programmed to turn on at the exact right time based off when you start or end your workout. All of this happens seamlessly in the background, and can be triggered by the touch of a button on any Crestron panel or switch. Imagine completing your home work out and walking directly into a hot tub set to the ideal temperature and jet setting, all without you lifting a finger.

Maintaining the chemical balance of an indoor pool can be tricky, especially if it is located in a room with large windows. Much like an outdoor pool, the sun’s rays can significantly affect pool chemistry. With shading solutions programmed correctly by the #DoneRightNotEasy crew, you can ensure that your indoor pool is shaded properly throughout the day, greatly reducing pool chemical issues. The Crestron control system can even be programmed to trigger a chemical feed into the pool when chemicals are out of balance.

An indoor pool room can dazzle and amaze when equipped with in pool and around pool lights controlled by Crestron automation. As the standout feature of many luxury homes, automating these lighting systems or indoor water features goes a long way to adding the “wow” factor that many Crestron automation customers are looking for.

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