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Creston Doctors In The Kitchen

This Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, and for many luxury homeowners, this means one thing, preparing a feast for a large number of family and friends. Afterall, why invest in a beautiful luxury home if you can’t show it off around the holiday season. Fortunately for our clients, our Crestron automation systems not only make their day to day life easier and more streamlined, they take the stress out of holiday events and especially the time spent in the kitchen preparing a large meal.

Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen during a holiday meal prep knows that temperatures can fluctuate as dishes are prepared and people move in and out of the room. As they do in the background of the rest of the year, this is no different environmental control systems automated by Crestron control. Using temperature and occupancy sensors a control system can relegate the temperature for the comfort of those cooking, as well as ensure the kitchen itself doesn’t rise above a set temperature when the turkey is roasting in the oven while the family plays football in the yard. Light levels in the room are also controlled and automated by the Crestron system, allowing family members and hired help the visibility they need to safely prepare a large meal.

A holiday meal prep for a large group of family members and friends can be an especially stressful time for homeowners, or house and estate managers. Temporary additions to staff, managing deliveries and guest access, and keeping family members happy and stress free keep tensions high. Crestron automation linked together with access control and security systems lift many of these burdens, allowing a homeowner or estate manager to grant access to a guest or staff member from any panel in the home, and even remotely monitor the kitchen and other areas of the home directly from their smartphone or device, ensuring meal prep and the days events are running on track.

Of course as we’ve discussed many times, Crestron automation is only limited by your imagination. The ability and expertise of our team of Crestron engineers can create custom tailored automation options for both holiday cooking, and even everyday kitchen use. The world of connected appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and food storage areas can be programmed and connected into Crestron automation. Imagine getting an alert on your phone or on a Crestron panel at the exact moment a dish needs to be removed from the oven, or an ingredient removed from the fridge for the desired freshness. Combined with intercom ability between any Crestron panel or remote, managing a busy kitchen to prepare a large holiday meal has never been easier.

We at GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew of course want to wish our team, clients and fans the happiest of Thanksgivings and a wonderful holiday season.

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