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Common Crestron Issues: Proper Wire Management

Is your Crestron system malfunctioning? Improperly managed wires could be the culprit.

When installing and programming a high end Crestron System, it’s not enough to just run wires from one component to the other. The more complicated the system, the more important it is to have all wires and cables managed properly throughout. Myself and the team here have seen far too many installations in which significant problems are caused by internal wiring not being up to standards.

One of the main issues we see when diagnosing a malfunctioning system is that wire entering a piece control equipment is supported only by the connection to the back of the equipment itself, left to helplessly dangle. Wire’s connected like this are begging to be let go, disconnecting from the system and causing a malfunction or total shutdown.

Another issue we find all too often is the improper separation of 110V electrical wiring. Others do not take the time to keep parallel runs of 110V wiring and control system wiring spaced properly apart. When not spaced properly, unwanted noise can get into the control system wiring and cause issues with communication or noise in connected audio devices.

Control system wire is designed to be installed to certain specifications, and we are constantly finding haphazard wiring jobs that don’t take this into account. One such specification is bend radius; If a wire is bent beyond this radius the signal passing through it is degraded substantially and in some cases will not pass at all.  We commonly find integration companies have installed wiring in such a way that it is bent, pinched, or otherwise flexed beyond the bend radius, which will often cause malfunction or outright failure in a Crestron system.

The Done Right Not Easy Crew at GMI Automation makes sure that all wire is supported properly from beginning to end. We use supporting bars in our racks and Velcro to guide wire from point to point between component parts. We keep like wires together with each other and organized properly, take heed of bend radius when routing wires, and keep power wires away from power limited control system wiring. This is just one part of the process that ensures the Crestron systems we install work properly every single time you walk through the door.

Having problems with the Crestron System at your home or office? Contact us today to see if a visit from the Crestron Doctors at GMI Automation is right for you.


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