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Common Crestron Issues & Managing Client Expectations

Readers of this blog will know first hand that the complexity of a Crestron control system will often lead inexperienced integrators into making small mistakes that lead to big problems for end users. We’ve discussed how everything from proper consultation to adequate coding can be the difference between a frustrated end user and a lifelong, happy client. Today we will be talking another common mistake made by many in the integration industry, the failure to properly manage customer expectations. 

Your first opportunity to effectively manage a client’s expectations is during the initial consultation and design stage. It is here when many integrators will fail to adequately extract from the client how they will be using the system, instead opting to assume the customer wants every feature available. An inexperienced integrator may also ignore the customer entirely and simply install a cookie-cutter system that is not specifically tailored to the end user. The #DoneRightNotEasy crew isn’t afraid to use our expertise and ask second level questions about how the system will be used and by whom, engaging the client and understanding their needs.

Properly managing customer expectations doesn’t stop with the consultation and design.

What many integrators in our industry fail to understand is that the day to day work on the job site itself is the most visible part of the job to the customer and it is important to maintain an open dialogue with clients about status and any potential issues that arise. GMI works with our clients to keep them as informed about the job’s progress as they want to be, including daily after action reports and access to project alerts. Any complications that arise are addressed honestly, and we work together with our client’s to overcome and move forward. While some integrators may choose to rush through a job to meet a deadline, we understand the importance of never cutting corners, even as deadlines loom.

Once the system is installed and ready to be turned on, the client has one expectation and one expectation only. That every time they use or touch the system it will work as designed. Others in the industry may leave the job site only to have a frustrated customer call them within days to report some kind of system failure. GMI’s concierge level service is designed to maintain the user’s expectation of a reliable, functioning control system. Not only are pro-active monitoring systems installed which allow our engineers to diagnose and correct problems prior to them affecting the system at large, but we routinely follow up with our clients to ensure their automated home is simplifying their life and living up to their dreams.

As with all luxury services, Crestron automation customer’s expectations are high. It is up to the integrator to manage these expectations, from consultation, the job site, and beyond. When we give the client the proper level of knowledge, communication, and most importantly, trust, they know innately that when they utilize their system it will work properly every single time.


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