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Case Study: Creston Integrated 4K Golf Simulator

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew pride ourselves on our outside the box thinking and ability to work with vendors of all kinds to provide incredible and one of a kind solutions for our clients. So when one of our VIP clients was looking to bring his love of golfing and his home automation system together, we jumped at the opportunity to build him something special. We’ve already highlighted our work on this client’s custom home theater, and we were fortunate enough to be involved in his full basement remodel, allowing us to incorporate a one of a kind 4K Golf Simulator into his new Crestron control system.

The project as usual started with the planning and design stages. Since we were already in the process of the basement remodel and home theater construction, adding the golf simulator was a natural extension of this system. Though as we have learned, nothing about a properly built Crestron system comes without dedicated and thoughtful planning. To ensure our client would be happy with the simulator once it was built, we worked with About Golf to work up a design for the room that would incorporate the appropriate technology and fit with our client’s needs.

Once the customer had been properly consulted and the system design was in place, it was time for the construction to begin. Since this was a first of it’s kind system we were entering uncharted territory. To accomplish our goal we installed a ceiling mounted commercial grade Canon projector, which connected directly into the golf simulation system’s sensors for instant feedback. For the highest possible sound quality we chose to go with Polk Audio speakers, however space constraints behind the full wall length screen required us to create a customized mounting solution for the speakers, placing them at an angle while still maintaining the integrity of the audio system. These were all of course integrated directly into the Crestron control system, so activity on the simulator was not only controllable directly from the wall panels, but it could be broadcast to any other display throughout the home.

Anytime we work with another vendor on site it is important for us to elevate them to our level of job site integrity and performance. We were happy to work together with the team from About Golf in order to properly combine their technology into the Crestron system at large. The space requirements of the room required us to think outside the box as far as mounting the projector, sensors and sound equipment. Due to the large scope of this job, we were looked at as the primary vendor on site, which meant any issues with the simulator would be treated as an issue with the Crestron system. This meant keeping in close contact with the About Golf team and ensuring quality and consistency each step of the way.

Breaking new ground with Crestron integration is no easy task. The #DoneRightNotEasy crew has the experience and relationships necessary to think quickly and understand the complexities of integrating third party hardware into Crestron systems. Today’s Crestron users understand that their automation systems are only limited by their imaginations, and with third party entertainment technology constantly expanding and gaining popularity, it is in both our’s and our clients’ best interest to stay ahead of the curve, constantly improve ourselves and our product.


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