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In the world of luxury homes, perhaps nothing has evolved more over the past few decades as the media or listening room. While speaker, amplification, and other audio technology has certainly seen its share of improvements, the most significant changes have come in the media technology itself. The first digital music players began popping up in the late 1990s, and pretty soon digital music was as ubiquitous as vinyl records were at the dawn of the rock and roll era. With this rapid change in the way we obtain and listen to music, the listening room of the past has taken on an entirely new direction, and with through distributed audio and Crestron automation, homes have been transformed like never before.

When you are competing in a high end market such as that of Crestron automation systems, it is incredibly important that you separate yourself from the pack by providing a unique value experience for your clients. The reason we refer to ourselves as the #DoneRightNotEasy crew is just that, we take the time needed to do a job the right way, even if it isn’t the most direct or easiest solution. This is especially critical when it comes to home audio systems, either distributed throughout a home or centralized to a home theater or listening room. Our audiophile clients come to expect the highest of sound quality in both of these systems and to do so we must utilize our knowledge and experience in unique ways.

Crestron control systems, when built and designed properly, are powerful tools used to simplify and streamline not just a home, but the lives of the people inside. Shades, lights, environmental systems, security, and access control all combine to deliver simple, reliable and intuitive automation. What really sells many people on a powerful Crestron control system, though, is the ability to bring streaming audio and high resolution video throughout the home. Despite this, even the most experienced audio video professionals often wrestle with effectively designing and programming these automated systems, as a properly built Crestron system requires the years of experience and teamwork that only those at the level of the #DoneRightNotEasy crew can provide.

In this blog, we’ve discussed many instances of mistakes made by other integrators that have led to critical automation and communication systems failing or underperforming. Everything from poor design, improper equipment, or poorly managed installations can lead to disaster for a system you rely on to work properly every time you use it. This is especially important when our client is a financial institution or in the financial industry, as not only do these organizations need to comply with specific compliance rules set forth by the SEC, but the sensitive and high-end nature of their business dealings means system failure is not an option.

If you’ve been to see a movie lately you may have noticed –  alongside standard, 3D and IMAX showings – showtimes with higher ticket prices being advertised as being played with a new type of Dolby cinematic sound. This feature is what is known as Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary new surround sound technology that has been utilized in select theaters across the country since 2012. Today we will be discussing the ways that through Crestron automation and the ingenuity of the #DoneRightNotEasy crew, GMI can bring this sound revolution into our customer’s luxury home theaters, and how we carefully build these theaters for the ultimate in surround sound experience.

Today we’ll be exploring the top 5 reasons that centralized and consolidated control racks are critical to proper Crestron system design.

For part 4 of the backyard series, the #DoneRightNotEasy crew discuss some of the methods we use for effectively extending wi-fi and internet connectivity into a large luxury backyard space.

Seamlessly distributed audio throughout a home is one of the hallmarks of a well-built Crestron automation system. Today we explore the ins and outs of effective audio distribution into an outdoor space.

We already discussed how Crestron can bring a more robust experience to your backyard pool and today we will be talking about another way Crestron can transform your backyard, with an immersive outdoor theater experience.

At GMI we work hard to ensure our systems are simple, reliable and intuitive, and this means managing end user experience in unique ways.