GMI Case Study: Custom Home Theater in Bedminster NJ

This is the first installment of three highlighting this stunning, custom home theater in Bedminster, NJ.

Since the first moving pictures graced the big screen over 100 years ago, everyone has dreamed of coming home to a theater of their very own. For one Bedminster New Jersey customer, the GMI Technician Team and I recently made that dream a reality and you would not believe how cool it turned out.

Home Theater Planning

As with all of our projects, it all starts with the initial meeting with the customer. Once we understood what the client was looking for planning was underway. We firmly believe that the planning and consultation stage of a project is just as important as the technology and effort that goes into the installation itself, and it’s where our creativity can shine,

Like any great artist, we want to draw ourselves into the painting, but at the end of the day the finished product needs to feel personal and one of a kind.

We start every job with 3D renderings, drawings and storyboards to map out the specific needs of the space. This theater was especially unique since it was part of a larger basement project which required an entire redesign of the existing basement. This required us to work closely with not only the architect and builder, but also the vendors responsible for some of the basements other components to make sure they would work properly with the Crestron system we were designing. We use our knowledge and experience to guide the planning of the entire space. Being a mid sized company allows us to execute a combination of deep knowledge and a personal touch.

The Installation Process

It’s incredibly important not to inundate the customer with too much info, throughout the process  we trickled info to customer at a specific rate to make sure they stayed engaged without being overwhelmed, especially with such a huge space. Our clients hire us for this exact reason, we are bonafide experts in the automation industry and they trust us to deliver what they want before they know they want it. After all it was Henry Ford who says “If we ask the customer what they wanted we would have a faster horse”.

Once the initial planning stages are complete and the builder, architect, and vendors are all working lock step together, it’s time to begin putting in some of the cutting edge technology that makes our systems the coolest and most impressive in the industry.

Coming Next: Technology and construction. Stay tuned for more or contact us today for an in home consultation.

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