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Automated Outdoor Lighting and Safety

Halloween is here! While many luxury homes are set back behind gates and away from trick or treating youngsters, Crestron automation systems often find themselves in luxury gated communities and large developed neighborhoods where tonight the sidewalks and streets may be filled with children and families enjoying the popular holiday. Luckily for these folks, outdoor lighting is one of the many home systems that can be automated through a Crestron control system. Today we will be discussing how this automation helps ensure the safety of not just young candy seekers on Halloween, but also yourself and your family throughout the entire rest of the year.

Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but generally falls into three main categories. Entryway lighting for front, back, and garage doors, guide lighting for pathways, driveways, and walkways, and of course accent lighting for windows and home features. All of these types of outdoor lighting can be linked together and controlled through luxury Crestron automation. Imagine opening your front gate a path of light illuminating up your driveway directly to the front door of your home. For those homes without gates that might get a trick or treater or two, scenes can be manually adjusted to ensure the walkway and front landing of your home are safely lit, providing parents with a sense of safety and relief.

Much like the lighting inside a home, outdoor lighting can be tied directly to the year round security of your home itself. It has been shown by many studies that automated lighting  can help discourage potential intruders, and this goes double for outdoor lighting. When you are not at home for an extended period of time, perhaps visiting relatives for the holiday or at a winter home, your lighting schedules can make your home appear lived in and busily occupied. For example, if while commuting regularly you arrive home at the same time everyday, your front porch lights illuminating as you touch a button on your phone, you can set the front porch light to activate at the same time each day you are away, creating the appearance of occupancy for any would be burglars.

Outdoor lighting and safety measures can be useful in commercial spaces as well, especially with Daylight Savings Time beginning this weekend. Soon the end of the work day will align with the setting sun and can create dangerous situations in parking lots or entranceways that are not properly lit. When tied into an access control system, Crestron automation can ensure that the lights in and around your office building are active down to the last person coming or going. In the event of an unauthorized attempt to access, lights and sirens can be triggered instantly giving a potential intruder little place to escape.

So as the year ends and the daylight hours wane, safety in and around homes and businesses becomes more paramount than ever. Luckily, Crestron automation is here to protect residents, guests, or employees at your luxury home or office.

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