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5 Reasons Why Clean Installs are Critical for Automation Systems

There are many factors to consider when selecting the automation vendor for your home or office. Integrators throughout the industry will often show off their flashy finished products, with beautifully designed Crestron components and stunning 4K displays. However, before you select a vendor for your automation project, it’s vital that you pull back the curtain and make sure that vendor’s systems look just as good behind the scenes as they do for the end user. This is why the #DoneRightNotEasyCrew have put together 5 reasons why a clean install environment is critical for a properly run automation system.

1) A Clean Environment is a Safe Environment

Even though integrators work with mostly low voltage wiring, it is important not to forget that we are continuously working around high voltage wires. Most control equipment that requires power use either 120 volts directly to the component, or require an adapter to reduce voltage to a manageable level. An integrator must carefully consider the amount of power required as well as the the space needed for the equipment they may be installing. A truly “clean” environment  is achieved by providing adequate space, ventilation, and properly secured wire management for all electronics, as well as enough space for the field technicians who will be servicing the equipment. A tight work space or improperly managed wiring within that workspace may result in damage to the equipment, the wiring, and even injury to the technician.

2) A Clean Installation Is an Impressive Installation.

Although everyone tends to mostly focus on the end user experience of an automation system, a clean installation will never go unnoticed. The interface and functionality may be the most impressive feature for the end user, but a clean install will show respect for the client’s’ home or office, as well as provide an excellent marketing tool when properly displayed. It is important to remember that when we do work for a client we are utilizing their space, not ours. This makes it all the more important to leave a lasting impression of your work, even behind the scenes.

3) A Clean Installation Makes for an Easily Serviceable System. 

No matter how well built a control system may be, there will come a time when it needs service, or even an upgrade. If a system is installed in a messy or haphazard manner, the task of even a simple repair can spread over days or even weeks.When a system is properly installed with a clean environment conducive to upgrade and repair, any needed work on the system will require significantly less time and man power, resulting in a more cost effective job. Properly built control systems are also designed to be upgraded and expanded as new technology is released and as clients’ needs change. 

4) A Clean Installation is a Respected Installation. 

The high-end automation and control industry isn’t for the feint of heart. Earning the respect of your peers and fellow integrators is one of the toughest challenges we face as professionals. Providing a clean installation time and time again, displays pride in your work and consistency on the what you can deliver. This trend is mostly noticed by the industry itself and will be the driving force of your success. Furthermore, this respect will carry over into valuable client relationships with builders and developers, which can bring additional business into your firm.

5)  A Clean Installation is a Proper Installation.

Simply put, installing control systems in a clean and efficient manner is the only way they should be installed. There is no other route to a completed project, a happy client, and a successful integration than by way of a proper installation. When an automation system is properly installed, it is serviceable, dependable, and a testament to your determination to succeed and deliver above and beyond what your client expects.

Are you looking for an integrator who understands what goes into making Crestron control systems run efficiently every time? Look no further and contact us today for a consultation. 


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