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4 Things You Need To Know When Considering Crestron Home Automation

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on the internet to understand that Home Automation is one of the biggest buzzwords in the market today. Apple, Amazon, Google and even Ikea are entering into the home automation market and attempting to make a splash with the modern, technologically inclined homeowner. For the luxury home homeowner, however, these market level solutions are simply not enough to fully automate a large home and satisfy luxury tastes. This is why Crestron has been a pioneer in the automation industry for years and is the product of choice for true luxury home automation.

If you’re a luxury homeowner looking to incorporate Crestron control into your home, here’s 4 things you need to know!

Choose the Right Integrator

Not every Crestron integration professional is created equally. We have seen more than our share of clumsy mistakes in integration projects that cause system downtime, or even total system failure. It is because of this that it is incredibly important to work with an integrator with integrity and experience such as GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew. We take time to work with our clients to build simple, intuitive, and reliable systems they can be proud of.

You’re Limited by Only Your Imagination

Using Crestron technology, GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew build some of the most dynamic and impressive automation systems out there. As we begin to consult our customers many are surprised by just what these systems are capable of doing. It’s important to know before diving into the world of Crestron automation that with a capable integrator such as GMI, you can automate every aspect of your home, and it’s encouraged to ‘think big’. Of course, when you let your imagination run wild, our next item is critical.

Understand Costs

It’s incredibly important to be clear about your budget and consult with your integrator fully prior to launching into a project. An experienced integrator like GMI is honest and upfront with you about the true cost of your system, and won’t simply yes you to death with no regard for your pocketbook. Without this honesty and integrity in the initial consultation, you can see Crestron system costs quickly rise, leaving you with an incomplete or under designed system when you reach the high end of your budget.

Service Matters

It’s no secret that Crestron automation systems are complicated, and with complicated systems always comes the need for a robust service department and engineers who can address and diagnose problems. With our cleanly built and wired racks and components, our back end monitoring capability and our concierge level customer service, GMI ensures that our end users Crestron systems work every single time they are needed. Without this level of service, a Crestron end user can easily get frustrated and grow tired of their costly automation system.


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