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3 Questions To Ask an Integration Professional

Luxury homeowners and decision makers at high-end businesses have many things in common, and one of the more prescient of these things is their tight schedules and lack of time. Now, we’ve discussed many times in this blog how we utilize Crestron automation to simplify and streamline our client’s lives to help them make the most of the little free time that they have. However, when it comes to making decisions about what integration company is the best fit to undertake their project, this type of client simply does not have the opportunity to research online or call multiple companies looking for the right fit, and they especially do not have the time to deal with the wrong integration company when they fail to deliver on their promises.

GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew understand this, which is why we’ve put together three of the most important questions you should ask an integration professional before moving forward with their services.

1 – Do You Still Take Care of Your Very First Client.

For any professional working in a home or office space, retention of clients is extremely important. Not only does it make good business sense to treat your clients right and keep them long term, but it will also show potential future clients the value of your service over the long term. In the luxury space, this becomes even more important, as the value of the time spent worrying about a malfunctioning system can make its utility vanish. Providing white glove or concierge level service, such as proactive monitoring and back-end control, allow GMI to build long-term relationships with our clients, keeping their systems working every time they need to be used.

2 – What is your Diversity of Skills.

Is your home integrator adept on commercial projects? Does your audio video integrator also have experience with security systems and access control? This is the information you should be finding out when working with a new integration professional. Since Crestron systems touch every part of the home or office, and rely on programming to understand the language of many disparate systems, it is imperative that your integrator have the knowledge and experience with as wide a breadth of arenas as possible. We know that powerful and reliable networks are essential to the functioning of a Crestron system, wouldn’t it be natural to look for an integrator who also has experience setting up secure networks for financial companies? It is this cross-disciplinary experience that sets quality integrators like GMI apart from the pack.

3 – How Do You Prepare for the Future

Technology expands and evolves at such a rapid clip, it seems that as soon as you buy a new piece of tech, within weeks a better and more powerful version is on the market. With this knowledge, you understand how important it is for Crestron systems to be future proofed and designed to expand as your home, needs, and technology does. Whether this means an integrator being honest with you about purchasing the correct equipment to distribute video, knowing that a new resolution of video is right around the corner, or designing your network to anticipate the latest cybersecurity threats, it is imperative to look forward into the future as your relationship with your Crestron control system continues to evolve.

Have you been looking for the right integrator for your needs? GMI and the #DoneRightNotEasy crew check all these boxes and more. 


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